I am guitar teacher and musician with twenty-five Professional years of experience starting in my home country Argentina; moving to the USA; Spain and finally Switzerland, where I live since 2012.
My varied and extensive experience with the different music styles that are considered as performer, arranger or composer are visible in the context of my professional life, gives me one great musical vision that I differentiate in my pedagogical work with students age, skills and interests.
In this new challenge to live in Switzerland, I find the perfect opportunity to mine skills and talents to further develop and see the appropriate ground to my dream: teach what I have learned on this long and versatile journey.

The musical languages ​​I master are rock, jazz and my own music. Place of origin: the tango and the south-american folk music.
My adaptability to different areas and working methods is one of my own main characteristics that affect my work.

Individual and group courses are open from 15th August 2017.

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